Our Life In Transit began as a means of keeping our family up to date with our travels, and as a creative outlet in 2014.

As the OLIT blog gained (unexpected) momentum it became apparent that the stories and images that we were sharing were actually inspiring others to pursue their own adventures. We were flooded with questions of ‘How do you….?’ and ‘Where would you recommend….?’, we found ourselves, (somewhat haphazardly), in a position to encourage, and help others to embark on their own journeys, sharing from our own experiences, successes, and failures.

As seasoned travellers we have become aware of  the false dichotomy between a life of travel, and making a home. This it seems is a major encumbrance for folks with a desire to travel. The ethos of OLIT is informed by this detrimental mindset and we herald the notion that one can enjoy a life of exploration, and the simple pleasure of all that is ‘home’ simultaneously.

We have gained infinitely from our adventures and accordingly hope that others might also embark on such formative undertakings. It is our mission to inspire people to a lifestyle of exploration and quality homelife, with authentic, original stories, and beautiful equipment built to last for generations.

Our Stories section is a collection of articles we have gathered from our own personal travel, and from friends all over the world. We like to share inspiration from adventurers, craftsman/women, mothers, fathers, makers, doers, country folk, city slickers, the young and the old. Please get in touch if you’ve got a Story you’d like to share.

Our Supplies are (for the most part) crafted here in our Otago based workshop in New Zealand using our very own hands.