Admittedly Santorini wasn’t somewhere I particularly wanted to visit. Mel on the other hand had a longtime dream of seeing the place so commonly depicted on calendars in the flesh. Santorini is one of the worlds top tourist destinations and you will be very aware of this when you are traversing the Islands thoroughfares. Having said that, there is a reason people flock to this little Island, it is truly stunning.

Thousands of years ago, a volcanic eruption caused the centre of the island to collapse, leaving a caldera and creating towering cliffs on one side of the island. It’s on these cliffs that many villages were established, these villages (in particular Oia) are probably the most popular points of interest on the island.

I did enjoy getting lost on the winding paths amongst the countless whitewashed and turquoise houses, but more than that, I enjoyed cruising the back roads on a hired scooter. The surrounding blue of the ocean is breath taking but there is a lot to be said for the baron landscape and warmer colour palette that is to be found further inland.